Month: October 2018

How Do Forex Brokers Make Money? Everything You Need to Know

In the forex market, speculators and traders sell and buy currencies on the basis of their belief that the currency would lose or appreciate the value in future. It is one of the biggest financial markets and at the same time, it’s highly risky. Traders need to go through the intermediary like forex broker to execute the trades.  It does not matter whether the individual trader gain or lose, but the forex brokers would make money through their fees and commission. You need to choose the right broker to conduct transactions for you and understanding about the ways in which they make money will help in picking the right broker for you. You could get the details of best forex broker in Singapore here.

The forex broker takes the orders either to sell or buy the currencies and they execute them. They operate usually through the OTC (Over-the-counter) market. In return for selling or buying the orders, the brokers would charge a commission for each spread or trade. The difference between the asking price and bid price is the spread. The price one receive for selling the currency is the bid price and the price that one need to pay for buying the currency is known as ask price. Few brokers charge both the spread and the commission for each trade. Some brokers would claim to be offering commission-free trades but they would be actually widening the trade spread. Brokers who are established well works with large forex dealers so that they get competitive quotes which offer competitive pricing.

The spread would be either variable or fixed. The spread would vary on the basis of the movement of the market, in the case of variable spread.  The spread changes whenever there is a major market event like interest rate change. This could be favorable or unfavorable change.…

The Best Strategies to Overcome Financial Stress and Improve Finances

Financial stress is real and everyone has to experience it at some point. Overcoming financial stress is quite simple if you actually put dedicated efforts. You can read life sayings on lifehacks and create a strong foundation for your approach. Here are some simple strategies you can follow to overcome financial stress –

  1. Budget, budget, and budget!

Have a budgeting tool on your computer. Create a worksheet that you can access from Cloud. Download a smartphone app for budgeting. There are plenty of ways to do it but the end results are all the same. All you have to do is make sure that you track every little expense you make and document the area where you have spent the money. This would help you better understand the financial spending patterns and thus work towards your goal with a better preparation.

  1. Work on your investments

Saving alone would not lead to financial independence you should also plan about investments both long and short term. There are many assisted and non-assisted investment options.

  1. Emergency funds

Always have a separate emergency fund. Define the type of emergencies during which you can access those funds and avoid using the money in it for any other purpose.

  1. Backup for unexpected expenses

During each month besides the planned expenses, unplanned expenses are always prone to occur. So, keep aside some funds for unplanned expenses. Grab your credit card only when required and avoid adding the outstanding bills on it.

  1. Seek professional help if required

There are professional financial advisors to help in budgeting and investment planning. So do not hesitate in seeking professional advice in managing your funds. This would also help you in planning your taxes.

When you prepare in advance you would be able to avert cash crunches and also plan your expenses better.…

Alles was du über Instagram wissen musst

We obviously know that Instagram was developed by two great minds – Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger, eight years back and that it is only for mobiles to upload and share photos and videos. Although it was first launched on iOS systems, it is now available on other smartphones operating with different operating systems. However, there is a lot more to know about Instagram, so we suggest you continue reading this article to find out more about Instagram.

  • Instagram is believed to be the Queen of all social media applications.
  • An account once created on Instagram goes public instantly and there is no way to hide your visibility.
  • In addition to uploading and sharing of photos and video, you can add any caption, tag users, tweak the settings, edit the different filters, engage with anyone and everyone, explore other accounts, and much more.
  • You can also see who all are online and send direct messages without having to wait for your messages to be delivered.
  • There are several contests up and running based on the number of like and shares that the picture or video has received, for instance, beauty contests. This is currently trending on Instagram.
  • You can mute someone or something that annoys you, which is life-saving in certain circumstances.
  • You can also buy Instagram followers, likes, and even comments for the photos and videos that you upload on your Instagram account to become popular in the Instagram world and companies like Galaxy Marketing help you achieve this.
  • On the downside, Instagram has also been subjected to some weird hacking activity that is completely making usernames disappear from the Instagram app, which makes logging back difficult.
  • In addition, even the bad including porn and bad hashtags finds its way on Instagram.

Bizarre or interesting, whatever features are available, we all continue to love Instagram even more in all its glory.