Month: November 2018

Tips and Tricks to Be the Coolest Girl at a House Party

Everyone loves to be the center of attraction and appreciation, especially at gatherings.  Read on to know the tips and tricks to be the coolest girl at a house party:

Dress:  Ensure that whatever you wear is not uncomfortable.   Select a grand dress. Ensure that the dress color suits your complexion and makes you look attractive.  The fitting should be perfect.  It should not be too tight making you gasp for breath or too loose.  A perfect dress will add to your confidence level.

Accessories:  The jewels and accessories should go well with the dress. Please avoid cheap counterfeit ones which create a bad impression on you.  Check out luxtime where you get genuine luxury handbags at discount price which you can carry proudly while attending a party.  Such accessories will make others look high on you.

Makeup:  The makeup should highlight your beautiful facial features and make you look fresh till the end of the event.  Use quality cosmetics which are waterproof so that you stay fresh in spite of sweating.  Your hair dress should be trendy and neat.

Mingle with people:  Join conversations.  Do not feel shy.  You can start talking with someone whom you know and slowly make more friends.

Gestures and postures:  Take care that your gestures and postures are not too artificial.  For example laughing louder constantly.  Smiling is a good thing but ensure that you do not stay with a permanent smile which will not be natural.

Don’t stay alone:  Do not stand alone away from the crowd.  Have friendly conversations and get to know more people which is good.  But this does not mean that you can talk anything to anyone.  Observe cautiously and be aware where you are welcome.  Be honest, friendly and natural.  Be whom you are.  All these will ensure you to be the coolest girl at a house party.

Top Strategies to Save Money When You Have Children

Having children is wonderful but the same cannot be said about what they do to the family budget. One must resort to several money-saving strategies to make the ends meet and raise a happy healthy household. Here are few tips to get you started.

  1. Buy second-hand clothes and there is no shame to it. At the rate the kids are growing these days, buying new clothes every few months will cost you a fortune. There are several good second-hand shops with clothes that appear as good as new. You can also take hand downs from family and friends.
  2. Avoid childcare. You will be surprised at the amount you can save when you skip childcare, enough to fund one kid’s college tuition. If skipping work and staying home is not an option look for help from family and friends; seek their help to watch over the kids while you work. You can team up with a friend and take turns watching over the kids.
  3. Plan your meals. It is very easy to go overboard on grocery shopping but with each meal planned the chances of you overstocking are limited. Cut down on eating out, this not only saves costs but also is healthier and safer for your family.
  4. Choose extracurricular activities with care. While it is natural that you want your child to achieve all the skills under the sun, it is practically impossible to enroll them in all enrichment classes. Hence, choose only those classes which will benefit them or in which they have interest.
  5. Go slow on toys. Encourage your children to not stock too many toys. Every time a new toy comes the old must go. Having a garage sale of used toys is a good way of making some extra money too.

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The Best Strategies to Set the Right Salary for Your Employees

When you own a business and have a number of employees working under you, it can be a daunting task to come up with the right pay structure for them. You can never be too sure if you are paying them enough or too much for the work they do. A position will have different importance in different companies, hence varied pays.

Just like how you can get information on leaves from, you can get information about salaries too.

If you are trying to fix the right salary for your employees, here are some strategies to help you out:

Work Load

Take into account the workload you are to give your employee. This should not be just what they do on a daily basis. Many roles require people to step up and do a little more from time to time. Unless the employee is invested in the role, they will not do it. Hence this should also be factored in and a pay scale should be arrived at accordingly.

Time Spent

Determine the time required to be spent on a daily basis for the role you are offering. Enquire around to see what similar-sized companies in the same field are paying for so many hours of similar work. This will give you a fair idea about your competition. Studying your competition is important here, because tomorrow if your employee is going to quit or compare, they are going to do so with your competitors only.

Minimum Pay

There are laws for minimum pay per person. Different types of work have different limitations. Ensure you meet these criteria, else you will get into trouble with the law, which can eventually cost you much more than what you might be saving by cutting corners. It is not always enough to just meet the minimum requirement. If you want more from the employee, you need to offer more. there is a direct correlation between what you pay and how they perform…