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Best Educational Games to Help Toddler’s Brain Function Develop

When it comes to nurturing toddlers, one great way to achieve that is by introducing him or her to games that would be instrumental to their growth and development. Games are highly recommended as they make sure the brain gets challenged and also propels toddlers to process information very fast.

Experts recently have revealed that the body is also the architect of the brain and for toddlers and kids in general to have a better understanding of the world and their surrounding then they have to be introduced to activities and scenarios that would aid brain stimulation.

Children however go through different phases of growth and development in order to stimulate the brain and as a result of this, there are also several toys, games and people that would also be important in assisting their young mind as well as helping them process information quicker.

Learning is so much easier in babies as their brain is still flexible and ‘plastic” meaning babies can easily comprehend things they see or hear and this also enables them to process information real quick.

Children (toddlers) are designed to learn based on how they interact when playing, what they are able to taste, smell, see or feel and below are some of the best games and play that would aid their brain to grow and develop, more info here;

  • Hot and cold – this game teaches perseverance and patience and also sharpens the emotional skills
  • Simon says – can be played in a group and helps to introduce kids to body parts
  • Hokey pokey – also introduce new parts to kids as well as ensuring they follow instructions
  • Scavenger hunt – this is solely aimed at boosting problem solving skills in kids
  • Obstacle course – helps to boost coordination, motor skills and balance in kids.

There you have the five best educational games that would keep every toddler’s mind sharp and active. It is a great gift idea for all growing kids as it promises to enhance emotional, physical and cognitive skills.…

Tips and Tricks to Be the Coolest Girl at a House Party

Everyone loves to be the center of attraction and appreciation, especially at gatherings.  Read on to know the tips and tricks to be the coolest girl at a house party:

Dress:  Ensure that whatever you wear is not uncomfortable.   Select a grand dress. Ensure that the dress color suits your complexion and makes you look attractive.  The fitting should be perfect.  It should not be too tight making you gasp for breath or too loose.  A perfect dress will add to your confidence level.

Accessories:  The jewels and accessories should go well with the dress. Please avoid cheap counterfeit ones which create a bad impression on you.  Check out luxtime where you get genuine luxury handbags at discount price which you can carry proudly while attending a party.  Such accessories will make others look high on you.

Makeup:  The makeup should highlight your beautiful facial features and make you look fresh till the end of the event.  Use quality cosmetics which are waterproof so that you stay fresh in spite of sweating.  Your hair dress should be trendy and neat.

Mingle with people:  Join conversations.  Do not feel shy.  You can start talking with someone whom you know and slowly make more friends.

Gestures and postures:  Take care that your gestures and postures are not too artificial.  For example laughing louder constantly.  Smiling is a good thing but ensure that you do not stay with a permanent smile which will not be natural.

Don’t stay alone:  Do not stand alone away from the crowd.  Have friendly conversations and get to know more people which is good.  But this does not mean that you can talk anything to anyone.  Observe cautiously and be aware where you are welcome.  Be honest, friendly and natural.  Be whom you are.  All these will ensure you to be the coolest girl at a house party.

Top Strategies to Save Money When You Have Children

Having children is wonderful but the same cannot be said about what they do to the family budget. One must resort to several money-saving strategies to make the ends meet and raise a happy healthy household. Here are few tips to get you started.

  1. Buy second-hand clothes and there is no shame to it. At the rate the kids are growing these days, buying new clothes every few months will cost you a fortune. There are several good second-hand shops with clothes that appear as good as new. You can also take hand downs from family and friends.
  2. Avoid childcare. You will be surprised at the amount you can save when you skip childcare, enough to fund one kid’s college tuition. If skipping work and staying home is not an option look for help from family and friends; seek their help to watch over the kids while you work. You can team up with a friend and take turns watching over the kids.
  3. Plan your meals. It is very easy to go overboard on grocery shopping but with each meal planned the chances of you overstocking are limited. Cut down on eating out, this not only saves costs but also is healthier and safer for your family.
  4. Choose extracurricular activities with care. While it is natural that you want your child to achieve all the skills under the sun, it is practically impossible to enroll them in all enrichment classes. Hence, choose only those classes which will benefit them or in which they have interest.
  5. Go slow on toys. Encourage your children to not stock too many toys. Every time a new toy comes the old must go. Having a garage sale of used toys is a good way of making some extra money too.

For more matters related to kids check out

The Best Strategies to Set the Right Salary for Your Employees

When you own a business and have a number of employees working under you, it can be a daunting task to come up with the right pay structure for them. You can never be too sure if you are paying them enough or too much for the work they do. A position will have different importance in different companies, hence varied pays.

Just like how you can get information on leaves from, you can get information about salaries too.

If you are trying to fix the right salary for your employees, here are some strategies to help you out:

Work Load

Take into account the workload you are to give your employee. This should not be just what they do on a daily basis. Many roles require people to step up and do a little more from time to time. Unless the employee is invested in the role, they will not do it. Hence this should also be factored in and a pay scale should be arrived at accordingly.

Time Spent

Determine the time required to be spent on a daily basis for the role you are offering. Enquire around to see what similar-sized companies in the same field are paying for so many hours of similar work. This will give you a fair idea about your competition. Studying your competition is important here, because tomorrow if your employee is going to quit or compare, they are going to do so with your competitors only.

Minimum Pay

There are laws for minimum pay per person. Different types of work have different limitations. Ensure you meet these criteria, else you will get into trouble with the law, which can eventually cost you much more than what you might be saving by cutting corners. It is not always enough to just meet the minimum requirement. If you want more from the employee, you need to offer more. there is a direct correlation between what you pay and how they perform…

How Do Forex Brokers Make Money? Everything You Need to Know

In the forex market, speculators and traders sell and buy currencies on the basis of their belief that the currency would lose or appreciate the value in future. It is one of the biggest financial markets and at the same time, it’s highly risky. Traders need to go through the intermediary like forex broker to execute the trades.  It does not matter whether the individual trader gain or lose, but the forex brokers would make money through their fees and commission. You need to choose the right broker to conduct transactions for you and understanding about the ways in which they make money will help in picking the right broker for you. You could get the details of best forex broker in Singapore here.

The forex broker takes the orders either to sell or buy the currencies and they execute them. They operate usually through the OTC (Over-the-counter) market. In return for selling or buying the orders, the brokers would charge a commission for each spread or trade. The difference between the asking price and bid price is the spread. The price one receive for selling the currency is the bid price and the price that one need to pay for buying the currency is known as ask price. Few brokers charge both the spread and the commission for each trade. Some brokers would claim to be offering commission-free trades but they would be actually widening the trade spread. Brokers who are established well works with large forex dealers so that they get competitive quotes which offer competitive pricing.

The spread would be either variable or fixed. The spread would vary on the basis of the movement of the market, in the case of variable spread.  The spread changes whenever there is a major market event like interest rate change. This could be favorable or unfavorable change.…

The Best Strategies to Overcome Financial Stress and Improve Finances

Financial stress is real and everyone has to experience it at some point. Overcoming financial stress is quite simple if you actually put dedicated efforts. You can read life sayings on lifehacks and create a strong foundation for your approach. Here are some simple strategies you can follow to overcome financial stress –

  1. Budget, budget, and budget!

Have a budgeting tool on your computer. Create a worksheet that you can access from Cloud. Download a smartphone app for budgeting. There are plenty of ways to do it but the end results are all the same. All you have to do is make sure that you track every little expense you make and document the area where you have spent the money. This would help you better understand the financial spending patterns and thus work towards your goal with a better preparation.

  1. Work on your investments

Saving alone would not lead to financial independence you should also plan about investments both long and short term. There are many assisted and non-assisted investment options.

  1. Emergency funds

Always have a separate emergency fund. Define the type of emergencies during which you can access those funds and avoid using the money in it for any other purpose.

  1. Backup for unexpected expenses

During each month besides the planned expenses, unplanned expenses are always prone to occur. So, keep aside some funds for unplanned expenses. Grab your credit card only when required and avoid adding the outstanding bills on it.

  1. Seek professional help if required

There are professional financial advisors to help in budgeting and investment planning. So do not hesitate in seeking professional advice in managing your funds. This would also help you in planning your taxes.

When you prepare in advance you would be able to avert cash crunches and also plan your expenses better.…

Alles was du über Instagram wissen musst

We obviously know that Instagram was developed by two great minds – Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger, eight years back and that it is only for mobiles to upload and share photos and videos. Although it was first launched on iOS systems, it is now available on other smartphones operating with different operating systems. However, there is a lot more to know about Instagram, so we suggest you continue reading this article to find out more about Instagram.

  • Instagram is believed to be the Queen of all social media applications.
  • An account once created on Instagram goes public instantly and there is no way to hide your visibility.
  • In addition to uploading and sharing of photos and video, you can add any caption, tag users, tweak the settings, edit the different filters, engage with anyone and everyone, explore other accounts, and much more.
  • You can also see who all are online and send direct messages without having to wait for your messages to be delivered.
  • There are several contests up and running based on the number of like and shares that the picture or video has received, for instance, beauty contests. This is currently trending on Instagram.
  • You can mute someone or something that annoys you, which is life-saving in certain circumstances.
  • You can also buy Instagram followers, likes, and even comments for the photos and videos that you upload on your Instagram account to become popular in the Instagram world and companies like Galaxy Marketing help you achieve this.
  • On the downside, Instagram has also been subjected to some weird hacking activity that is completely making usernames disappear from the Instagram app, which makes logging back difficult.
  • In addition, even the bad including porn and bad hashtags finds its way on Instagram.

Bizarre or interesting, whatever features are available, we all continue to love Instagram even more in all its glory.

The Best Tips Saving Money for a Mortgage Deposit

No one wants to rent a home forever and paying monthly and weekly rents all the time. We did all prefer to have our homes and put a stop to those rents. However, it is not that easy. Getting your hands on your home requires you to save up for the mortgage deposit and that very thought makes you want to procrastinate the thought of owning your own property.

Nevertheless, experience teaches us never to put off the necessities. Hence, rather than avoiding getting your home, why not save money for that mortgage deposit and here is how it can be done.

  1. Cut down on the current rent – Once you have decided to save for the mortgage deposit, you can cut down the amount you spend on your rents. Moving in back with your parents for a short while, moving to an apartment that charges you lower rents, and being comfortable to rent on a sharing basis are some of the ways by which you can cut down the present rental.
  2. Set aside a fixed amount from your income in the beginning – Although many of us feel that we will save towards the end of the month, it is one thing that never happens. Always keep aside some part of your income for the deposit as soon as you receive your salary.
  3. Allow your money to roll for you – Saving some amount might not add up the big figure. Hence, what you can do is to invest your savings in other means such that at the end you will earn a bigger amount. For instance, you can start a recurring deposit or invest in safe stocks, etc. Such options will automatically add to your savings in the form of interests and dividends.
  4. Plan your expenses – You should also start budgeting your expenses in order to save money. Keeping track of every credit and debit source will help you to budget your finances better.

Research – You should also look out for different options relating to your property and find out ways on how you can end up saving more. Check out Build Search where they help you in getting cheaper quotes on the property.…

The Best 9 Tricks for Successful Forex Trading

When you decide to start trading in forex the first thing to do is to ensure that you pick your favorite currency pair and start studying its behavior. Here are a few things to do to improve your chances of being successful as a forex trader –

  1. Find a reliable source of information and learn more about the various strategies to adopt in forex trading. Even the most experienced traders always have so much more to learn as the market is continuously changing.
  2. Find a suitable trading style that would work for your budget and the time you have at hand.
  3. Identify a broker you can trust. There are online trading platforms that connect you with brokers online. This can help you save a lot of time.
  4. Have a risk management strategy. Whether you make profits or not, avoiding losses should be your prime concern right from the beginning. This can be achieved by establishing a good stop loss strategy and a strong exit strategy.
  5. Stick with your budget and avoid taking any emotional decisions as a trader. Emotional mistakes are the number one cause for major losses in trading.
  6. It is alright to stick with just a handful of currencies in the beginning. People might keep asking you to diversify your portfolio. But having too many currencies to follow would require too much time. In the early stages, it is a good idea to stick with just a few currencies and thoroughly understand how the forex market works.
  7. Only pick those currencies and strategies that you can fully understand.
  8. Look for reliable social signals which can be of great help especially as a beginner. This allows you to learn from the methods of the experts.
  9. Automation of certain tasks like placing the order can be of great help. The time saved in this process can be used to strengthen your knowledge in this area.

Tax Advantages Of Leasing A Van

A small van lease does not cost you a lot of money. You can easily arrange the money for the lease as the cost of leasing is spread through the entire term of the contract. All that you need to do is to give a deposit and this is again not a very big amount.

The leasing company takes care of the maintenance and thus lets you save on a lot of costs. There are some lease agreements that also let you buy the vehicle if you wish to.

Tax benefits when you lease the van

The benefit of leasing the van lets you enjoy 100% VAT back in case your businessisVAT registered. This is if the van that you buy will be used only for business purposes.

You can also claim the tax benefit of the rental that you pay towards the van. This can be claimed when you file the tax return and turn helps you to save on tax. The rental payment is thus an expense that is tax deductible.

Leasing a van for your business

When you plan to buy a van for your business needs, then this brings in a number of benefits to you. You will, however, have to buy it straightway or you could fund the purchase by taking a loan.

Leaving, however, is when you can still use the van without technically owning it. You will just be renting the services of the van and this is against a fee that you give to the owner of the van.

There are many benefits to both ways of operating a van. Knowing the pros and cons of each method lets you take a more informed decision. Neither option is better than the other. All that matters is what fits your individual needs.

7 Big Financial Technology Trends for 2018

Financial technology has evolved over the years and the year 2018 definitely can be cited as a crucial year for fintech. Here are some of the biggest fintech trends of 2018 –

  1. Cryptocurrencies – ICOs in particular

Investing in ICOs or initial coin offerings, the ones that have a great idea and a reliable team behind them can turn out to be a profitable decision. For earning better credits ico reviews online can be of great help.

  1. Investments in Blockchain

Blockchain has been identified as a worthy investment for businesses big and small and there are huge investments being made on this technology.

  1. AI in finance

The finance sector is exploring the many possibilities of using AI or artificial intelligence in its various forms.

  1. Regulations

There have been several new regulations imposed in order to streamline the growth of fintech trends.

  1. A spike in fintech startups

There have been numerous new fintech startups in the recent times. Firms with a great fintech idea can easily make great progress given the increasing demand.

  1. Banking sector accepting digital transactions

Digital transactions are known to be quicker and more convenient. They also make it easy to identify and track every transaction that occurs and prevent frauds. Now with the increase in the security measures, the banking sector has outgrown the phase of skepticism and has started accepting the approach of going digital.

  1. Bot advisors

Using bots for financial advice is a trend that is heating up. There are numerous financial institutions that have deployed financial advisor bots. There are some that have also implemented hybrid systems with both human and bots providing the most relevant financial advice.

The role of technology in the finance sector has been more towards improving the convenience for the users and also improves the security.

Let’s Talk About Money: The Ultimate Finance Guide

Most people out there like to put all their money into their savings account and be done with it. But, little do they know, that they are actually losing money in the process. The savings bank account interest will always be lower, than the amount of inflation that the whole world is facing nowadays. So, if you look it that way, you’re not utilizing the full potential of your money or savings. Therefore, the following are some of the best tips to manage your money and also see it grow too as well.

Guide To Manage Your Finance In The Best Way Possible


Managing Debt


Debt is not always a bad thing, but proper management of debt is very much required. The best way to manage your debt is first sorting out the amount of money you owe. This can be in form of credits cards or loans.

The first thing to keep in mind that, if you have some money pending on your credit card, always make sure to pay it off first. Never just pay the minimum on your credit card, and try to pay off more in the process. When it comes to loans and EMIs, it should be kept in mind, to maintain a balance between the amount and the overall tenure is important. The more the tenure, the more interest you’ll be paying. So, be sure to keep that in mind.

Opting For Health And Life Insurances


Whether you’re single or married or have dependents, i.e. old father and mother, upon you – insurances are very much essential in one’s life. For example, health insurances help you to meet the cost of hospitalization, medicines, etc. in case of emergencies. And life insurances provide a helping hand to your family, in case any kind of mishap happens in your life. Utilizing your money in the best way possible, to deal with family affairs like these, is always recommended.

Making The Right Investments


Investments come in all types of shapes and sizes. There can be short, medium or even large investments. Therefore, you have to first access what kind of investment you want to go about, and the kind of risk that you’re planning to take in.

For example, if you want a low amount of risk, you can opt for Fixed Deposits or Debt Mutual Funds. But, if you’re good with taking risks, you can opt for equity-linked mutual funds or the stock market. In either way, your money’s potential would be utilized fully. You can even make investments on luxury yachts, and thus find heaven at

How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?

This is more of a rhetorical question since no-one can really figure out the amount of money that can make him or her happy. We will always have one thing or the other that we aspire for since there is no end to aspirations and money will always seem limited. Therefore, an understanding of finances will teach you that you can never have enough money but you can at least plan your innings in a way so that you will always have a healthy bank balance to feel safe and secure about.

Find a career that pays

This is where the money comes from. Ensure that you have a career that does justice to your efforts and hard work. This will make you happy and will also keep the cash flowing in.

Buy with liquid cash

You might need to save a lot more than you had thought but when you ultimately buy something from lp i.e. love with the money you saved, it will surely make you very happy. This is why it is recommended that you buy thing with liquid cash and use your credit card as less as possible.

Debt payment plan

Have a plan to repay your debt so that everything is paid off before you near your retirement years. This is to ensure that there is no extra burden on you while you are about to retire and your fixed source of income is absent.

Retirement fund

This is the money that will genuinely make you happy in your later years. When we have a fixed source of income in service, it hardly feels as important but when you retire, you feel the value of money every time an expenditure is about to happen. Set aside an amount of money regularly while working so that it adds up for a retirement fund so that you continue to remain financially independent.…

Smart Personal Finance in 10 Simple Rules

It is a good financial habit to manage personal finance and even teach your children young about it. This helps in any sudden situation of unemployment, disaster, loss of family member, etc. at least in little bit. There are several individuals, families, and others who manage the personal finance in a smart way. Some even buy Money Counter Machine – Bill Counter Machine – Portable Money Machine Counter – 150 Straps & Counterfeit Detector Pen – Money Counting Machine for Mixed Bills – Currency Counter – Dollar Cash Counter to assist with personal finance. There are 10 simple rules for the same so read on.

  • Try to save money each month which could be little as 10% or more. It helps in the long run.
  • Pay up all bills in full especially credit card bills as this helps to reduce or subtract interest.
  • This means you must not only pay the monthly minimum fee or amount but all purchases/bills that you have made with the bill in full.
  • Avoid purchase and sale of individual stocks.
  • Try and maximize savings accounts with tax benefits to whatever amount is allowed.
  • Make sure or try to get financial planners who agree to take just fees and not other incentives, products/schemes commissions, etc.
  • Plan about buying a house as this can get you a mortgage and there are many benefits like loans, house rent, staying in a house, etc.
  • Do the social safety as much as you are able to afford as this seems like spending when discussing managing personal finance but whenever and whatever you are comfortable in giving away.
  • Buy safe index bonds, and inexpensive mutual bonds, etc. once they are cheap so when the value goes up you can sell it and it may be a smaller profit but still it is a profit for you.
  • Make a list of all these rules and keep it as a priority list to check up time and again. Paste it on your bedroom, or your cash counting bench, or where you keep your money. It helps you to remember what to do.

How To Keep Your Finances Safe

There is high-risk today of a fraudster getting access to your bank account when you use your ATM card at the machine or when you swipe your credit card when you go shopping. Card frauds are not uncommon and they are happening every now and then.

The use of credit cards and digital wallets has increased and this is making our lives easier. But on top of that, these are also causing risks. It is thus important that you keep your finances safe.

A few ways that can help to keep your finances safe are listed below.

Have a system

Have a map of your finances. This should have details of all your accounts and how these are linked to each other. This will let you see how your money is moving and you do not need to bother about remembering each and every transaction that you do. You could also use some mobile apps that let you manage your finances. It lets you tack all your accounts.

This way you have an eye on what is happening with your money,

All your account should be linked to a single card

If you think that you are spending more than you can afford to then link all the accounts that you have to one card. You should also make sure that the digital wallet, as well as any apps that you use to transfer money, is linked to one card. This helps you to track your spending. This will also let you know in case of any theft.

Use all the security features

Your bank will be giving you many security features. Take advantage of these to protect your account. This is an added level of protection so that your account cannot be hacked if in wrong hands. Getting loans for loans shark is dangerous so make sure that you use the various security features to protect your account.

Surprising Ways To Improve Your Financial Success

Taking different steps to attain financial health is similar to setting the goal to lose weight.  It won’t happen overnight. In order to be financially successful, one needs to be dedicated and keep aside time. However, still there are many people who wish to see the results quickly or else they lose the drive to make any financial changes.  If you have enough money saved up for future, you can enjoy all the things you like which require money to indulge in like adventure sports.  You can visit dreamguides to get an idea about all the adventure sports.

 Ways to save more

Automate the savings- You would find it impossible to set aside money away if you have no control over your spending.  Hence, you need to prioritize the savings before you spend on any expenses so that you would be forced to spend only on the money that is left in hand. In order to save every month a particular amount, one needs motivation and it can fade with time. You can create an automated saving account so that the money will get deducted every month on a particular date and get saved.

Eliminate the recurring expenses which you feel is unnecessary- You could save a little more if you are able to eliminate or reduce the recurring expenses which you are not using the services like a gym membership, cable bill, etc.

Change your bank account- If you feel the bank you are transacting with is charging high fees or the annual maintenance charge is high, then you should change the bank and opt for a one which offers low charges.

Keep checking on the insurance rates- If you have an insurance policy, you need to keep checking the rate of interest of those policies as the rates keep changing often.   You will save a lot of money by doing this after every few months.…

The Best and Cheap Ways to Keep Fit Without the Gym

Enrolling in a gym would be a fabulous method to get in shape; however, it’s not by any means the only method. One can appreciate an assortment of exercises in the comfort of your home or go outside which will provide you similar outcomes and place a grin all over in the meantime!

Here are a couple of approaches from Movomovo to get fit without having to go to the gym:

Create Your Own Bootcamp

Boot camps style of exercises is a considerably more fun. Who would accept challenges? You can make it yourself by trying quality and cardio practices outside in a park or at home —for which you require a decent combine of shoes!

Take a Walking Tour Of Your City

Strolling is the easiest method to remain fit since it requires just a couple of comfortable shoes and you all ready to go anywhere.

Take a Hike

Climbing is an incredible method to help your heart in pumping and at the same time appreciates the outside air in nature. Get a few companions, bind up your tennis shoes, and get going!

Attempt a Track Workout

Running consumes a greater amount of calories than some cardio action, yet it can be exhausting on the treadmill. An extraordinary method to maintain your running exercises is by making a beeline for an adjacent track.

Transform Chores into a Workout

Handling your errands and consuming calories in the meantime? Discuss taking out two targets with one shot! The way to transforming the cleaning exercises into an exercise is concentrating on the chores that require the most calorie consume, such as vacuuming the house or scouring the bathtub.

Offer Your Services

Volunteering for the net benefit venture, for example, constructing a home or tidying up a recreation center or any other garden, is an incredible method to increment some action to your every day while enhancing your locale in the meantime.…

7 Forex Trading Tips for Beginner Investors

Want to start getting into Forex trading? Forex is extremely hard for beginners but the payoff is great, Forex trading refers to the trading of liquid foreign exchange currencies on the open market, it is one of the most liquid, widely used trading markets in the world, forex covers almost every single tradable currency in the world and it is in the trillions of dollars in tradable and liquid money in every year it has been available. Which is why it is a great investment opportunity to get into, however there are a couple of tips that I’d recommend to a beginner noobie investor before jumping in, lest you get burned:

  • Learn the basic things first

Watch a lot of YouTube videos from Forex training sites, learn how the market works, understand all the lingo and start understanding the basics of the market and how it works. Jumping in with little to no experience is a terrible thing to do and many will get burned because of this.

  • Don’t freak out over small dips

Freaking out is a natural for beginners, small dips in the market happen frequently and will often throw beginners off of balance, which is why people should never freak out if a small dip in the market happens, make sure to stay calm and in control.

  • Be realistic with your goals

No, if you put in 3 grand and expect to be able to go to the beach in Thailand with all your money and live a life of luxury, you are completely, 100% wrong. Forex is not a solve all problems solution, it’s not easy and you certainly DO need to learn the market. If someone tells you you don’t have to, they are probably trying to scam you.

More tips:

  • Don’t trade at high volumes
  • Don’t place stop losses too close
  • Don’t go in without any understanding of the charts
  • Focus on the price

The Best Personal Finance Tips to Help You in 2018

Managing money is never an easy task. No matter how well versed one is in finance and in various financial instruments, when it comes to personal finance, there is always a second guessing and a bit of doubt. You are not too sure if this is what you should do right now. You have doubts about something else that might happen in the market and are not sure if you should wait or go ahead for now.

When you browse through, you will see how all you can manage your finance. Money is one thing that needs to be managed and monitored closely, to ensure there are no regrets.

Here are some personal finance tips to help you in 2018


The first and foremost step is budgeting. Sit and come up with a budget for your income on a monthly basis. Include your regular expenses, loan payments, subscriptions, etc. also, include a 10% – 20% for other expenses like gifts, unexpected guests, etc. this will ensure you are always prepared for a surprise expenditure.

Once your budget is ready, you will know how much of your income is actually spent and how much is saved. If this is not what you put in the bank or invest elsewhere as savings, you need to dig deeper to know where the money is going.


Once you know how much money is left to spare as savings, plan for it. Though it can lay idle in the bank, and earn an interest; investing it outside will earn you good returns. Look for various venues to invest in and learn about them thoroughly. Analyze and decide on which will suit you the best.

You need not invest in all them right away. Invest in each of the chosen options month after month. You can even invest in just one or two of the best options and let your money grow. After a while you can start exploring other options.

How to Make Your Dream Home Come True on a Budget

Almost everybody has a dream home. However, only a few are able to make this dream home a reality. Have you ever wondered why that is so? Well for starters the first and most important reason why people do not get to live in their dream home is that many of us just do not have the will to convert dreams into a reality and for those who do have the will, they lack the second most important thing, and that is nothing but money.

Dream homes obviously tend to be a lot expensive. It is no wonder they remain a dream. However, the secret behind the successful few who have been able to find a dream home is one, they choose to settle for a house that closely resembles their home or two, they know the art of budgeting required to build their dream home.

Budgeting is very important, even the Royal family sticks to a budget although they have more than enough to splurge. So here a few tips on how to get your dream home by sticking to a budget.

  1. Put your dream on a paper. If a dream is still in your thoughts, then it is bound to remain a dream forever. Putting your dream on a paper allows you to plan what are the things that need to be done and you will be to allocate a fixed budget next to each. Hence, the first step is always to plan and budget side by side.
  2. Secondly, be very realistic. Although you are trying to bring every element of your dream to life, at times you will have to decide what is feasible and achievable as against what is unrealistic.
  3. Thirdly, stick to your budget and do not lose control of it or let others you convince you otherwise.
  4. Lastly and most importantly do not touch your savings or other funds set aside for other important things in your life. Rather, set aside a safety fund or an emergency budget just in case you are in need of some extra cash during unforeseen circumstances in the very beginning.

So, if you are one among that few who really aspire to live in your dream home visit where dreams are converted into customized homes, all ready for you to start living.…

Common Mistakes People Make When Paying Off Debt

One of the biggest financial issues that people are facing in the modern time is paying off their debt. It seems that over a couple of years, there has been an increase in the overall debt rate. There can be number reasons behind increased debt rate. For instance, you had to suddenly travel out of the country, you got into an accident and are left car-less, a certain medical emergency came up or you are unable to control your spending habits. Whatever the reason is, you now have to pay the debt by the end of every month.

If you want to get rid of debt, you can create trust deed. However, there are 4 common mistakes that people make when they are clearing their debt.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you get rid of your debt rather quickly.

Using Cards when you haven’t Cleared the Previous Debt

This is not a wise thing to do. People often make this mistake assuming that they will be able to pay it gradually. This isn’t going to help at all, you need to clear old debts before adding more.

Leaving your Debt until the end of the Month

If clearing your debt is on top of your list, then you should do it the moment you get the salary. Delaying it until the end of the month is never going to help you.

Not implementing a strategy

A good strategy allows you to assess your current situation and then plan accordingly. Therefore, make sure you have an effective strategy.

Paying off the Wrong debt First

When paying off your debts, you need to prioritize them in order to pay the right debt first. Paying a debt with less interest rate first is not an effective way to go about things. A debt with higher interest rate will increase the pressure in no time.

Can You Really Make Money with Bitcoin?

From the year 2017 ‘Bitcoin’ exploded has been used as currency exchange and is now commonplace in many households and in business. The digital currency has been growing and many people have become very wealthy with its growth over the last 2 years. However, the experts say this is a volatile trading option, but if you know the stock market then it can be very lucrative.

There are various types of cryptocurrency and assures safe transactions with the use of a secure encryption. This online currency also is showing a skyrocketing trend online. It is believed that one Bitcoin is breaking the $11,0000 boundary with initial investors receiving millions. Just like everything newer in the market the Bitcoin too has advantages as well as disadvantages to study before adopting this money.

Several online companies are now cashing in on this new trend of people trying out a newer type of currency investment. Hence, they are encouraging people around the world to invest the money they have worked hard for in a Bitcoin investment. Financial experts guide that customers must not invest in an investment that they do not know about or understand completely.

Bitcoin investors require little research, but if they have some money to invest in bitcoin then the product is worth investing into. trulycoin can help explain what is available before buying currency, so you can find top coins. Tools can help clarify and simplify the investing process, which includes checking out what drives the Bitcoin value to go up or plunge low. Another thing to look for is the liquidity of the investment – is it ready to take out in case of an emergency or how long it will take to pull the currency?

In brief, those who want to take a risk in Bitcoin investment may get back even 20 – 30 times of investment money or it is simply a bubble that would burst.…

Reasons why wedding photography is the best investment you can make

Anyone would agree that taking pictures at your wedding is a great thing that you should do to forever cherish the memories of that splendid day when you and your partner finally tied the knot, but why do it with a simple camera or by an amateur? Getting professional wedding photography can be an amazing investment that you and your partner can make to forever have the best photos and memories available for you and your kids and descendants in the coming years of your life.

One of the main reasons why you should get a professional photographer is because an amateur will not know the proper technique for the best photos. An amateur photographer will usually take photos without any knowledge of filters, positioning, lighting effects, settings, camera types/lens and a whole list of other factors that a professional photographer will know how to take care of. This will mean your photos will be of much less quality than they could and should be, why would you skimp out on the most important event of your life? That would simply be non-sensical if you can easily afford it, most wedding photographers aren’t incredibly expensive in the first place relative to your income, (for example if you are getting married at the Vezer Winery you will not need to worry about shelling out some extra money for a professional at all), given this fact, why would you even consider anything else, especially if you are considering an amateur?

In conclusion, getting a true professional wedding photographer can easily make a huge difference in your memory of quite possibly the MOST important day/event of your entire life as many people will say about their wedding. Why skimp out? Don’t make the mistake of getting an amateur or even a person with an iPhone to do it.…