Finance: 3 Things the Gun Industry Won’t Tell You

If you look at any industry from a consumer’s perspective it might look different from how it appears to the financial experts. There are so many dimensions to every type of business. Each of these dimensions is to be understood so as to survive in a competitive market and make an impact. Take the guns and ammunition industry for example. There are plenty of inside talks that most of the end users never get to know about. Guns are used in several places besides defense and safety. There are plenty of entertainment sectors that also use guns like Sporting Clays. Be it for leisure sports or for the line of defense there are a few aspects of the gun industry that are not heard about too often –

  1. When fear grows the gun industry grows too

When there is a rise in the fear like the situations after terrorist attacks or the cases of mass shooting, the sales figures increase in the gun industry. These are times when people react by equipping themselves with a gun as a measure of self-defense.

  1. Even when there is a ban on the gun industry somehow flourishes

Politically there is plenty of favoritism for the gun industry. Owning a gun is a right that is politically protected.

  1. Young shooters are targeted too

There is definitely a legal age criterion for buying a license for guns. But in the form of games, toys, and sports there are guns being marketed even to the younger generation.

The law calls for verifying the criminal background of the gun buyers. But there are little loopholes in it and people without solid criminal background but placed in the watch-list of terrorists might end up buying guns. So there are various ambiguities that still prevail in the legal system in terms of controlling the gun industry.