How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?

This is more of a rhetorical question since no-one can really figure out the amount of money that can make him or her happy. We will always have one thing or the other that we aspire for since there is no end to aspirations and money will always seem limited. Therefore, an understanding of finances will teach you that you can never have enough money but you can at least plan your innings in a way so that you will always have a healthy bank balance to feel safe and secure about.

Find a career that pays

This is where the money comes from. Ensure that you have a career that does justice to your efforts and hard work. This will make you happy and will also keep the cash flowing in.

Buy with liquid cash

You might need to save a lot more than you had thought but when you ultimately buy something from lp i.e. love with the money you saved, it will surely make you very happy. This is why it is recommended that you buy thing with liquid cash and use your credit card as less as possible.

Debt payment plan

Have a plan to repay your debt so that everything is paid off before you near your retirement years. This is to ensure that there is no extra burden on you while you are about to retire and your fixed source of income is absent.

Retirement fund

This is the money that will genuinely make you happy in your later years. When we have a fixed source of income in service, it hardly feels as important but when you retire, you feel the value of money every time an expenditure is about to happen. Set aside an amount of money regularly while working so that it adds up for a retirement fund so that you continue to remain financially independent.